The Magic Wand

The wand is a symbol not unlike the rabbit in the magician’s hat.

Ask any child what he or she needs to be a real magician and more than likely you will hear a wand, perhaps a top hat, and a rabbit.

When you see a wand you almost automatically think of magic.

The wand has been associated with magicians for centuries.

At one time a wand indicated power or authority.

Even today monarchs are often seen on ceremonial occasions or in formal portraits holding a wand or scepter.

The wand has been an instrument of the real magician for many centuries.

The purpose of the wand in ritual magic was elaborated upon in such written works as The Oathbound Book of Honorius (1200ish AD) and The Key of Solomon (1500ish AD). It was later popularized by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the late Victorian period.

Stage magicians have used wands since the Victorian age and of course no self-respecting student of magic would dream of attending Hogwarts without first choosing a wand or in the case of the Harry Potter universe, the wand chose the magician.

The wand adds a touch of magic to the performance of theatrical magic.

It is a source of wonder and awe.

I think it informs and enhances theatrical magic when the magician understands the real magical roots of his or her tools.

The following are my wands:

This is my ebony wand.

This wand has both Masculine and Feminine energies in equal measure.

While all wands are associated with the element of fire, the ebony wand contains energies from all five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit.

These next two wands are pine.

Pine is readily available and affordable, so pine makes for a great beginner wand.

According to Witchipedia “The pine tree represents rebirth and immortality and strength in adversity, overcoming hardships through optimism and inner strength.” As such it makes a wonderful wand.

This wand combines the energies of three different varieties of wood: palm, cherry, and redwood.


Palm is associated with cleansing, transforming, and victory.

Cherry has feminine energy and is associated with harmony and peace.

Redwood is associated with Spirit, the unseen world.

These next two wands are made from the wood of the willow.

The willow is the tree of enchantment.

Willow has strong feminine energy and is great for enhancing or amplifying our intuition.

Finally, this is my mahogany wand.

Project Fey says, “This wood is in touch with the elements of fire and earth. Well balanced, this wood seeks a partner with strength and energy. Excellent for protection spells…and…enhances our intuitive abilities and ability to explore our potential.”

Those are my wands.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey.

Much love,

David Dellman