Selling Hope by Kristen O’Donnell Tubb: A Review

I love magic, I love the history of magic.

I love vaudeville and Buster Keaton.

I went looking for a work of fiction that could draw me into the world of vaudeville and I found so much more. 

I have always wished I could have lived in the golden age of vaudeville when entertainment was live and when entertainers performed before paying customers every day sometimes several times a day.

To me, those were the best days to be alive, at least if you love to perform. 

Selling Hope by Kristen O’Donnell Tubb took me back in time to that most amazing period in history.

For the blissful moments I spent reading her book, Kristen transported me to May 1910.

I felt what it was like to work a vaudeville circuit and I got to meet a very young up and coming Buster Keaton

Selling Hope is the story of Hope McDaniels, a teenage girl serving as assistant to her magician father in a second-string vaudeville circuit.

She longs for a home and when her troupe takes her to Chicago, her one-time home before her mother passed away, she sees her chance.

Halley’s Comet is threatening the very existence of the planet, but Hope sees in the coming cosmic challenge an opportunity.

She sells “anti-comet” pills to raise money for her home, in essence, she sells hope to those that need it. 

Assisting her in her efforts is none other than an up and coming Buster Keaton.

The story held me with every word.

I derive so much joy from a good book and this one is not one I will soon forget.

I hope you read it.

Much love

David Dellman