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Programs Offered by David Dellman

How to Deliver a Great Speech When You are too Nervous to Speak

“Public speaking is listed as America’s number-one fear, before death at number five, and loneliness, weighing in at number seven. Guess that means that most of us are less afraid of dying alone than of making fools of ourselves in front of others,” – So stated Westside

Toastmasters in an article entitled Business is a Contact Sport. Public speaking is a requirement for business success. As business people, we must be able to articulate our thoughts in front of people in the boardroom, in management meetings, and sometimes in formal speaking engagements. This presentation provides a roadmap for successful speaking with ease and confidence.

Also available as a workshop.

The Elements of Success

Based on David’s book, The Elements of Success provides a road map for successful living at work and at home. This presentation will motivate and inspire your employees to be more productive and happier in their work. Zig Ziglar said, “Hope in the future is power in the present,” power for living well, power for higher productivity and excitement at home and in the workplace.

Also available as a workshop.

Oh God Its Monday: How to Love Your Job

When You are in a Job You Don’t Love
If you dread Monday on Sunday, this may be the presentation for you. You will receive tips, suggestions, and ideas designed to help you get the most personal satisfaction out of your current situation.

Also available as a workshop.

Show Them You Mean It:

Creating Long-Term Employees in a Short-Term World

Zig Ziglar once asked a business owner how many people he had working for him. The business owner replied, “About half of them.”

Employee turnover is expensive. The cost of turnover can be measured in decreased productivity, low morale, poor customer service, and recruitment and training costs. Employee engagement and retention is a challenge for every business in every industry, especially in a post-Covid world.  This seminar offers specific tangible strategies for attracting engaged applicants and engaging the people you already have. If you want to decrease turnover while increasing the “want to” factor of your employees, this is the seminar for you. 

Learn how to create a work environment that encourages rather than discourages longevity. Learn strategies that will help your company become a more prosperous and happier place to work, the company of choice in a competitive environment. When you create an engaging environment, people will want to work for your company, your company will grow, and those that work for your company including yourself will experience increased satisfaction and earnings. 

Also available as a workshop.


Magic, Mentalism, and Storytelling 

Shared positive, uplifting experiences create stronger teams, increase employee morale, and employee engagement not only at the event but long after. In this presentation employees accomplish most of the magic which results in increased feelings of self-esteem and decreased feelings of depression, anxiety and isolation which means they are happier and more productive on the job. This program is heavy on storytelling. Many of the stories I tell can be customized for maximum emphasis on your message, training initiatives, or objectives. Story engages the mind as well as the heart which means the event and your message will be remember.




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