Magic and Mentalism for Children

My first paid performance was for a child’s birthday party.

I was 14.

The child was 8.

As always, I did the best work in my repertoire.

The family loved it, the guests loved it, and most of all the birthday child loved it.

As often happens one show led to another and before long, I was an in-demand birthday party magician.

I loved doing those shows.

I never had a birthday party magician growing up, but my father took me to shows as often as he could and as Pack Master of my Cub Scout Pack, he brought in the great George Goebel.

I performed birthday party shows for many years and I still do but there is a difference between the performer I was in those early days and the performer I am today.

That little show grew and grew some more until it became a full stage illusion act.

I was a grand illusionist for 11 years.

When my assistant and partner left the show, I needed an alternative.

I tried to find a replacement for her but no one I auditioned worked out.

So, I packed up my illusions and started to read minds.

I became a mentalist.

As a magician who specializes in mind reading, I thought children would never be interested in my act.

This erroneous assumption could not be further from the truth.

The fact is, children, love good magic and they love good mentalism.

Children love to be the center of attention and they love to have fun and my show allows them to shine like stars and have the time of their lives.

I don’t pull rabbits from hats, but I do make stars of children and they love every minute of it.

Much love,