How to Become a Magician

I hope that some of you are interested enough in magic to want to study it yourself.

If you are, I hope you will reach out to me so I can personally assist you in your journey.

I have made a video on this topic.

You may view my video here: How to Become a Magician  

But I wanted to supplement that video with some written material.

I recommend four things:

  1. Join a magic club.

There are many options.

You could join a club that meets in a local shop or you could join one of the national or international societies or you could do it all but don’t join and not participate. I want you to join a club so that you will have the opportunity to interact with your colleagues and perhaps find a mentor.

The Society of American Magicians (SAM) can be found here:  SAM 

The International Brotherhood (Sisterhood too!!) of Magicians can be found here: IBM 

  1. Hang out at your local magic shop. Your local dealer would love to sell you props and books, but most don’t mind if you simply hang out. In fact, the magic community has a longstanding tradition of hanging out at magic shops. All of the great magicians of history did it including Thurston, Houdini, and David Copperfield. So, don’t stay at home and shop online. Get to the local magic shop, get to know the owner, and chat with every magician who walks through the door. You never know who you might meet or what you might learn.
  2. One of my favorite magic dealers Phil Thomas use to say, “Read books ma boy,” and read books I did, still do, and so should you. Two indispensable books are:

The Mark Wilson Course in Magic. See the Amazon listing here.  

The Tarbell Course in Magic. See the Amazon listing here.  

Yes, the Tarbell Course is a little expensive but it’s an investment that is beyond well worth it.

As a supplement to but definitely not instead of the 8 volumes of the Tarbell Course, check out Dan Harlan/Penguin Magic’s Tarbell video instruction series here.    

  1. Get out and perform. Don’t worry about getting paid. Take every opportunity you can to put on a show. All of the studies in the world will not make you a magician without getting out and entertaining real people. If it makes you nervous that is normal. We all get nervous. Learning to deal with nervousness will be the topic of another video. For now, “feel the fear but do it anyway.”

I wish you all the best on your magical journey.

Much love,

David Dellman