David Dellman, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Hermey Doesn’t Like to Make Toys

I love the 1964 Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

My cousin Susan and I can recite whole sections of dialogue from the show, and we often do when the family gathers at my aunt’s home on Christmas Eve.

In one sequence, Hermey has “employee engagement” issues at the office, which is much to his supervisor’s distress.

The scene runs something like this: 

Head Elf: Hermey! Aren’t you finished painting that yet? There’s a pile-up a mile wide behind you! What’s eatin’ ya, boy?

Hermey: Not happy with my work, I guess.

Head Elf: What?

Hermey : [sadly]  I just don’t like to make toys.

Head Elf: Oh, well, if that’s all… What? You don’t like to make toys?

Hermey : [sadly again,]  Nnno.

Head Elf : [to the other elves]  Hermey doesn’t like to make toys!

Elves : [whispering to each other, then chorusing to Hermey in unison]  Hermey doesn’t like to make toys. Shame on him!

Head Elf: Do you mind telling me what you do want to do?

Hermey: Well, sir, someday, I’d like to be a… a dentist.

Hermey didn’t like to make toys.

Imagine that, an elf at the North Pole in Santa’s workshop who does not like to make toys.

Imagine the pain Hermey must have suffered.

We all want to fit it.

No one wants the scorn of our supervisors or coworkers, but no one can endure for long an environment that is out of sync with their nature and calling.

Hermey made a courageous decision to pursue his path.

He had no guarantees of success, yet had he not step out of his comfort zone to chase his dream, the entire village would have been threatened by the Abominable Snow Man.

Maybe you need to save yourself and your village today by stepping out in faith and chasing your dream? 

Hermey and the countless other Hermeys that have made our nation great are waiting to cheer you on.

Have a great day,

David Dellman