I recently stumbled across an image of some young well-dressed magicians at the table with one of magic’s all-time greats – Howard Thurston.

Among those young magicians was Bob Tilford and Phil Thomas.

When I knew Bob and Phil, they were much older.

They were mentors to me, both of them.

They took me under their wing.

They offered to help me with my magic.

They nurtured and cared for me the way good friends do.

But in the time I knew these great men, they never once boasted to me of spending intimate moments with Howard Thurston.

What struck me in the image was the family like nature of the magic community.

I have no doubt that Thurston was to Bob and Phil, what they became to me.

And if I wind the clock back even further, Harry Kellar was to Thurston, what Thurston became to Bob and Phil.

I know this sounds a little confusing but the point I am trying to make is that magic is passed down from generation to generation not in books or videos but magician to magician.

We are a family.

We belong to each other.

We stand on each other’s shoulders.

And so it will be for generations of magicians to come. 

Much love,

David Dellman