About David


Magic has been the central passion of David’s life since his first public performance at the ripe old age of eight.  Raised on stories of the legendary Blackstone Sr., David dreamed of one day producing his own grand illusion show.

One Christmas his parents gave him a magic kit. David learned every trick to perfection then he presented his first show to his third-grade class. One of his classmates received the same kit for Christmas that year. At the conclusion of each effect, that young man shouted the secret for all to hear. The following week, David returned with effects that entertained and amazed everyone, even those that thought they knew all the secrets. David never lost the drive to amaze and entertain, and he will bring that same drive to your event.

David has toured with a grand illusion show and he has entertained families in the comfort of their own living room. He is comfortable in front of thousands or in front of ten.

For the last twenty years the focus of his performing has been on the strange and often misunderstood world of mentalism – magic of the mind. He skillfully blends magic and mentalism to produce a unique entertainment experience that you and your guests will love!

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