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My interest is in what is real or authentic as opposed to the kind of legerdemain practiced by most mentalists and magicians. When I present what some might consider “conventional magic” it is because the modus operandi is as mysterious to me as it is to you my audience.

Contact mindreading, telekinetic or “ideomotor” movement, and experiments in crystal gazing, scrying, or mediumship are excellent examples of phenomena that are as much a mystery to me as to those that watch or participate with me.

The Tarot plays a central role in what I do on stage and in my life off stage.
I have a reverence for the Tarot.
For me, offering a reading is a sacred act and I treat it as such.

My goal as a performer is to reach for the limits of human potential, to pry open the door to the unseen world even if only minimally.

I hope that by demonstrating what is possible, you might be inspired to reach for the seemingly impossible in your life.


I am an accomplished public speaker.
I have a master’s degree is education.
I am a past president of Valley Toastmasters.

My area of expertise is paranormal investigations of the Victorian era.
I have delivered engaging, educational, and entertaining messages on such topics as the Fox Sisters, Mary Todd Lincoln, Anna Eva Fay, William James, Victoria Woodhull, Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the Eddy Brothers.

One of my most popular presentations is on the history of Ouija.
When I present on Ouija I bring both historic and contemporary samples from my collection, one of the largest on the east coast.

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