Author and Speaker

David’s Presentations:

The Story of Magic as a Performance Art
From Robert Houdin to Chris Angel enjoy a tour through history. In addition to stories and anecdotes that will entertain and amuse, David presents signature performance pieces from the great magical entertainers of history.

The Elements of Success
What can the four elements of water, fire, air, and earth teach us about success and about happiness? The ancients drew on this wisdom to live life to the fullest, shouldn’t you?

The Story of the Tarot
Unlock one of the great mysteries of our world, the tarot. David explores its origin, meaning, and application. While it requires years to master the tarot, you will learn the basics and gain a new appreciation for this often-misunderstood tool.

Patented and first manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland, David presents the history of Ouija with historic boards from every era.

Modern Spiritualism from the Fox Sisters to John Edward
Explore the fact and fiction of the modern medium. Learn how to detect fraud but also how to appreciate the genuine. David is an expert in both modern conjuring and the ways and means of mediumship. He will help you sift through the murky waters of communication with those on the other side so that you can decide for yourself what you believe about this highly controversial area.


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